MA46 – ערכת שמע לקסדה עם חיבור למכשיר קשר


מק"ט: C660 קטגוריה:

Audio kit with microphone compatible with 2-pin radios (except Alan 42 Multi). MA46 is a speaker microphone kit that can be self installed into your helmet and then plugged into a transceiver to give you bike to bike communication. It comes wih a remote Press to Talk button which can be fitted to the handlebars using the velcro strip provided allowing the rider to transmit via the radio unit. If you wish an intercom facility with your pillion then you can use the Midland G8 with the BHS 300 adaptor together with a CHS300 or OHS500 headset. NB Rider to Pillion intercom is always in full duplex mode whilst Bike to Bike comms are simplex via the PTT button.